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Bomb Droppa Music is a bunch of badbwoys runin a netlabel, a
potcast and events focused on experimental dancefloor music. all started in gradec / austria

we try to spread jungle, footwork, breakcore, drum and bass, hardcore and all other kinds of experimental dance music in every imaginable way.
our weapons are a netlabel, potcasts and events.
all kind of digital output is 100% free. some kinda “free music for free people”
we are looking for artists sharing the same mentality to join us and try to spread a new exciting sound in our clubs!

_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲҂the art of noise҂/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁▁︹_/﹀▔╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\╱҂the noise of art҂﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁▔╲JyH︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\_/▔﹀\_︿_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿▔︺\/\╱b e v e r ly﹀▔╲︹﹀k i l l s︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱҂the art of noise҂▔︺\︹╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔\╱﹀╲_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲ Back 2 The Woods ▁╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹A3x6▁︿╱\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲abra︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︹ Aviation ︹▁︿╱\_/▔﹀\_︿_/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁҂the noise of art҂╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁P.G.B.︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔\╱﹀╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹▁︿⁄╲︿╱﹀╲︿_/︺▔╲︹_/▔﹀\╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁╱﹀▔╲҂the art of noise҂︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔\╱﹀╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹▁︿⁄╲︿╱﹀╲︿_/︺▔╲︹_/▔﹀\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹╱﹀▔

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Agency: Bomb Droppa Music

The artist

Nationality: Austria

Resident in: Graz/Gradec


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