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the noise collage crew has been established in january 2007. the first official event took place on 21.01.07 at the venue ”arcadium” in graz. since then the crew has grown and has played loads of gigs and organised events in different locations and has made a name for itself as a guarantor for danceable sound on the edge of the currently possible hardness. there are no defined limits in the sound selection of noise collage, but one might say the musical spectrum ranges from drum and bass over industrial hardcore to tekkno and happy hardcore. at the moment noise collage has 8 core-members, but an uncountable amount of people (the noise collage family) participates in the organisation and promotion of our events.

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core crew (sound)

jack stresig (noise collage)
biotoxic (noise collage)
dust (perpetuum mobile, noise collage)
de:mention (perpetuum mobile, noise collage)
the nagual (noise collage)
neurologic (duckpond, noise collage)
shine (noise collage)
fjord (disko404, noise collage)
zeck (disko404, noise collage)
jacques prell (noise collage)

core crew (visuals)

handmitauge (META)


Agency: Noise Collage

The artist

Nationality: Austria

Resident in: Graz


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