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Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: BILLX

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Date: 07 September 2012
Location: Kulturzentrum Niesenbergergasse 16
Address: Niesenbergergasse 16 - Graz
Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: BILLX

Eine Nacht voll TEK & DNB & DUBSTEP


BILLX (le diable au corps, undergroundtekno, FR)
sick noiz3
dane the2face


lx sounder

vokals by davox


>> BILLX <<
The musical career of Billx began with his early love for scratching and mixing hip-hop.
He soon became interested in composing music and bought his first set of samplers and groove box.

He discovered the free-party movement in 1998 and decided to dedicate himself to the hardtekno scene.
First by mixing his vinyls at tekno parties and thereafter by performing as a live artist.
In 2004, he signed his first record label, Krysalide, his tracks were an instant success and his talent got noticed by other labels and producers.

Very soon, his music was flowing onto the biggest hardtekno labels including Le Diable Au Corps, UndergroundTekno, FSL, Tekita, Humungus and so on. Billx has produced over 100 records in the past years .
He decided to create his own label called Teklicit Marsatek, Teknical Vodka, Billbox and Toxic Vibes.

You can describe his style as devastating breaks going from Dubstep to Tribecore through Electro.
He was the first artist to bring some electro trash and metal sound influence in his tribe music integrating this with big kicks and crazy synths.

In December 2011, after 5 years in the world of hardtekno, he made his first CD “Toxic Vibes”, a new kind of Tekno was born…


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