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Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: SPEEDFREAK

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Date: 14 June 2013
Location: Kulturzentrum Niesenbergergasse 16
Address: Niesenbergergasse 16 - Graz
Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: SPEEDFREAK

Eine Nacht im Zeichen von TEKNO, DNB und DUBSTEP…

Vorraussichtlich die letzte deepnheavy sounds im Niesenberger 🙁 deswegen müssma doppelt gasgeben :))


SPEEDFREAK (Re:Fusion, Audiogenic, Mokum)
Toleranz Johny


Konn fused
Dj chilly


(Re:Fusion, Audiogenic, Mokum)

Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various different guises the most recurrent & most known being “the Speed Freak”.

Being in the record-business for 18 years Martin Damm has produced more than 290 records (12inches, CDs, Albums) and numerous tracks on compilations with his several
projects going under names like Biochip C., Subsonic 808, Steel, Null, Spin, Braindub, The Speed Freak, Search & Destroy, R.I.C., Phase IV, The Shapeshifter, a.m.o. and has worked with labels like (amongst others) Force Inc Music works, Mille Plateaux, ESP, Go Bang, Mokum, Analog, DJ-ungle Fever, Monotone, Pharma, Suck Me Plasma, Canadian Speedcore Resistance, Utils, Lux Nigra, Sub Connexion, Psychik Genocide, Pacemaker, several small labels, some major-companies and his own labels Shockwave, Napalm, Agent Orange and Anodyne.

Over the past 16 years Martin has toured: Japan (4 tours with several gigs allover Japan), the U.S.A. (Chicago 5x, New York 2x, Los Angeles 7x, Milwaukee 2x), Canada (2 tours), Australia (2 tours with 4 gigs each) and large parts of Europe (Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Holland & parts of Eastern Europe) either performing live with analogue equipment and/or spinning vinyl.

Martin Damm now concentrates on industrial hardcore (so-called “Frenchcore”), working mainly for Audiogenic-Labels like “Psychik Genocide” and his own label “Absurd Audio”.

Martin Damm also earned 2 golden records for his remixes of
“Technohead´s >I wanna be a hippyKnockin´

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