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Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: SUBURBASS

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Date: 28 December 2013
Location: Dom im Berg
Address: Schloßbergplatz 1 - Graz
Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: SUBURBASS

Eine Nacht im Zeichen von TEK, DNB und DUBSTEP.
DNH präsentiert SUBURBASS & djs aus Graz und Wien.

Nach einer langen Pause ist es endlich wieder soweit.
Am 28.12. geben wir wieder Vollgas mit dem lieben Gast aus Tschechien dj Joël Suburbass TwentyThree der sich schon auf die Grazer motivation freut.
Leider nicht mehr im Niesenberger dafür hämmern wir im Dom 2nd Floor so richtig los.

line up:
Lx Sounder
SUBURBASS (Le Diable Au Corps, Astrofonik, Free Style Listen)

About Suburbass

(Le Diable Au Corps, Astrofonik, Free Style Listen)

Joel Tambour aka Suburbass,one of the pionneer of the french electronic scene
Live performer since 1996 & electronic producer since 1984.

He already played in more than 700 parties & released around 50 vinyls and CDs on labels such as Le Diable Au Corps, WAR, Ballistic, Astrofonik, TNL, FSL,Tekita, etc.

He is also ex-singer for 15 bands (rock, punk, ska, HxC metal, hardrock, heavy metal, blues rock, jazz rock, technopop, batcave, Nuwave. ..) since the age of 14.

In 1984, he started with 4×4 beat with sequencer and synth (Casio, Korg, Roland, Yamaha…), guitar, microphone, making technopop, electroclash, EBM…

His first party was in 1988 by chance (Hacienda, Manchester) because he was a big fan of JoyDivision and Factory Records.
and then , the summer of Love, he discovered technoid tunes, acidhouse music, rave music…
At the beginning of the 90’s, he went to his first freeparties.

In 1996, he finally decided to go out with his machines to play for party people, and then simply never stopped.

He now plays all over Europe every weekend in loads of different events.
He is now totally addicted to the repetitive beats & travels throughout Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria…) with his faithful live set (machines only) and delivers a nostalgic diversity built upon his numerous sonic experiences.

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