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Deep’n’Heavy Sounds & Retarded Journey presents: OPHIDIAN (NL) b2b LUNATIC (NL) and MEANDER (NL)

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Date: 16 May 2015
Location: Stallbastei
Address: Schloßberg - Graz
Deep’n’Heavy Sounds & Retarded Journey presents: OPHIDIAN (NL) b2b LUNATIC (NL) and MEANDER (NL)

Zum allerersten Mal stecken Deep’n’Heavy Sounds und Retarded Journey die Köpfe zusammen um euch gemeinsam ein Event zu bescheren das seinesgleichen sucht.

– HARDCORE | CROSSBREED | DNB | TEK | BREAKCORE – it’s teamwork folks.. 😉

Mit viel Freude im Gepäck dürfen wir euch dazu einladen uns Gesellschaft zu leisten, an jenem Abend an dem sich internationale Top Acts sowie nationale Feinheiten nichts nehmen werden lassen… we proudly present:

* Ophidian (Enzyme Records, NL) b2b Lunatic (Enzyme Records, NL)
* Meander (Taintedaudio | Heresy, NL)
* Hr. Drescher (Retarded Journey | Frantic Bombing Recordings |, AT)
* Ausland 666 ( Deepnheavy sounds, AT)
* millo. (Retarded Journey, AT)
* Nashwanadeem (Independent, AT)


Conrad Hoyer started his career between 1998 and 2001. The focus of his performances can be described as hardcore/industrial electronic music with a touch of hard techno, drum & bass and IDM influences. Ophidian is known about producing different styles. His album “ Blackbox” released in 2003 became a real cult legend. His last album called “ Between the Candle and the Star” is pure hardcore orientated and features a lot of dance floor killers.


Lunatic born in Leidschendam in 1978 , responsible for a string ofsuccessful performances at high profile hardcore venues throughout Europe. DJ Lunatic started behind the decks fifteen years ago so his knowledge ofhardcore music and technical ability are first class. He has played toseveral crowds on parties like DefQon, Project Hardcore, Nature One,Nightmare Outdoor, Harmony of Hardcore, Ground Zero, Earthquake,Hellraiser, Hardcore 4 Life, Hellbound, Army of Hardcore and many manymore. Also he played in countries like The Netherlands, England, France,Italy, Germany, Spain, Switserland, Luxembourg and Belgium. His style is Hardcore and Industrial, everything that’s hard and kicks ass!!!
He is responsible for several releases like First Contact, The GrandDesign, Creatures, Universal Threat ,Undisclosed, PUSSY, Apologue, Lifebefore Death, Double Bind and many more.

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