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Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: WAN BUSHI

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Date: 08 May 2015
Location: Cube Graz
Address: Harterstraße 27 - Graz
Deep’n’Heavy Sounds presents: WAN BUSHI

Deepnheavy sounds startet in die nächste Runde mit dem belgischen Producer Wan Bushi
Wir freuen uns darauf zusammen mit euch das Cube wieder einmal zum Beben zu bringen. Ebenso feiert unser allseitsbeliebter DJ Ausland666 seinen Geburtstag
Also macht euch gefasst auf fettesten DNB, Jungle, Breakcore, Crossbreed und Hardcore.

WAN BUSHI (Ragga terror front)

Dawn Pawn (deepnheavysounds)
KVNSHIN (noisecollage)
Ausland666 b2b Beverly Kills (deepnheavysounds)
C. Johnson (not today | panzerschokolade)


Visuals by:
VJ Azz (breakcore my azz)

Entry 10€
“After playing in many bands as a teenager, drumming my way through reggae to metal & punk and taking boring music lessons at music school, I discovered electronic breakbeat music at the age of 18. With nearly no experience at all, I started producing my own tracks, mostly drum’n’bass music.

At the very same moment I also came in touch with the breakcore scene. The musical freedom inherent to this genre was much more appealing than anything else I had done so far. In less than a year I replaced the drum’n’bass breaks with fast & furious drums and started working on my own personal sound using the influences and inspirations I gathered during my musical youth.

I cannot describe how my music sounds today in just one word. It’s about making jungle influenced breakcore with a hardcore feel, and spicing it up with eurodance & rave mashups, sometimes also adding elements from classical & traditional music. It can be dark, evil, funny, stupid, but either way it will always be hard & crowd pleasing madness.

For all extra info about releases and events I played on etc… just take a quick tour of the site and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you feel the need to !”

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